Hostgator Promo Codes to Help You Make Money on Your Personal Blog

Blogging has earned a high reputation for earning a lot of cash. If you have a blog, you should explore different ways of monetizing it. If you do it in the right way, you can earn enough for rendering support to your whole family. If you are looking for options for making money from the personal blog, we’ll go over a few option in this article.

Save on Hosting & Domains with Hostgator Promo Codes

Well this isn’t exactly making money, but the less you need to spend on your hosting and domain costs then the less you need to earn to cover your overhead! For most blogs, you won’t need anything beyond a basic Linux hosting account which are typically pretty inexpensive to begin with. But no harm in saving a few dollars, so take a look at to see if there is any Hostgator coupon going on that can help you out. You typically get the best deals by renewing for multiple years at a time. If you’re new to blogging you may not want to make that commitment, but if you’ve already been doing this a couple of years then odds are you’ll probably keep at it.

Strategies for Monetizing a Blog

‘Monetizing’ is just a fancy word for ‘earning an income from’. It doesn’t have to be a huge income, there are blogs out there that net people enough to cover their monthly hosting expenses, and then there are those where people are pulling in thousands a month. I know the latter sounds a lot more exciting, but keep in mind that it also requires a lot more work! You pretty much will need to make it your full time work. Whether you want to be a hobbyist or a full time blogger, the tips…

How Avis Coupon Codes Keep Your Vacation Costs Under Budget

We here at Blogging Cents are committed to helping you make the best budget conscious decisions possible. So why are we talking about vacations? Well, vacations are a great way to clear your mind and get you to stick to your goals. If you have a plan to save $300/month on food/restaurant bills by making smart, conscientious decisions at home, then you need to reward yourself with something. And that’s why we recommend working towards a vacation.

How Avis Promo Codes Can Help:

But it doesn’t mean you need to forget everything you’ve learned here. You can still create an amazing, relaxing vacation without blowing up all the savings you’ve earned with smart decisions. You can book your trip using coupon code websites that’ll save you on your flights, hotels, car rentals, and more. There’s an Avis promo code that’ll save you $20 off per night at most hotels here: Their savings adds up to $280 in savings over 2 weeks at a hotel. You’re saving already! Also, combining flights and hotels in vacation packages tend to come with discounted pricing. You can even search for coupon codes for vacation packages as well. You can also search apps like and for discounts at various restaurants in your chosen location. And remember to use Open Table so you can stroll into any restaurant and get a seat while everyone else waits in line like it’s the 1990’s. Here are some more budget travel ideas: Which is a Smarter Strategy: Clipping or Printing Coupons? On the surface, it appears that a printed coupon spends the same as one clipped from the newspaper. Digging deeper, there are a few crucial points of difference that will affect your coupon strategy. It’s important to understand how stores will treat these two types of coupons…

Stumble and Be Stumbled

If you are not familiar with StumbleUpon, let me just clue you in.  It’s basically a social website where readers can find new and interesting information that they may have never would have found before.  People rate each post with a thumbs up or thumbs down and have the chance to put their 2 cents in about the post. You can also use it as a bookmarking tool. And it’s free! Here’s a great post about the best noise-canceling headphone that I found through stumbleupon. I’ve been fortunate enough to get a few posts stumbled lately and it has given me a huge increase in traffic, as well as, subscribers.  It has only been in the last few weeks that I have really begun to learn and understand the whole stumbling phenomenon.  I finally downloaded the toolbar and I’m glad I did.  It has been super handy and much easier to stumble a post that doesn’t offer the stumble link otherwise. You simply click on the thumbs up to stumble a post.  If it has already been stumbled, it will turn green.  If the post hasn’t been stumbled, a box will popup with the post url and a place for you to put in your review about the post.  You can either add your own thoughts here or paste an excerpt from the post.  That’s it!  If you want to see if your site or post has been reviewed, you can find out here.  Just type in your main url or any url of your choosing.  If you have been reviewed, you will see something like this. As you can see, I typed in the url to my standmixer contest and this is what came up.  As you can see, it has been reviewed, in fact, 4 pages…