GoDaddy Promo Codes to Help You Make Money on Your Personal Blog

Blogging has earned a high reputation for earning a lot of cash. If you have a blog, you should explore different ways of monetizing it, like offering the best shopping deals. If you do it in the right way, you can earn enough for rendering support to your whole family. If you are looking for options for making money from the personal blog, we’ll go over a few option in this article.

Save on Hosting & Domains with GoDaddy Promo Codes

Well this isn’t exactly making money, but the less you need to spend on your hosting and domain costs then the less you need to earn to cover your overhead! For most blogs, you won’t need anything beyond a basic Linux hosting account which are typically pretty inexpensive to begin with. But no harm in saving a few dollars, so take a look at to see if there is any 99 cent deal going on that can help you out. You typically get the best deals by renewing for multiple years at a time. If you’re new to blogging you may not want to make that commitment, but if you’ve already been doing this a couple of years then odds are you’ll probably keep at it.

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Strategies for Monetizing a Blog

‘Monetizing’ is just a fancy word for ‘earning an income from’. It doesn’t have to be a huge income, there are blogs out there that net people enough to cover their monthly hosting expenses, and then there are those where people are pulling in thousands a month. I know the latter sounds a lot more exciting, but keep in mind that it also requires a lot more work! You pretty much will need to make it your full time work. Whether you want to be a hobbyist or a full time blogger, the tips below can help you on your journey.

Monetizing With CPM or CPC Ads

Placement of ads on the website can be a great option for earning money. CPM and CPC/PPC Ads are the most well-renowned kinds of ads. CPM ads are recognized to be the ads which pay for a fixed amount of money on the basis of people viewing the ads. CPC/PPC Ads are known to be banners which are placed in the sidebars and content. Google AdSense is the most famous network in order to place such type of ads. In this type of program, you should be in contact with the advertisers directly and you will need to place their banners or other ads on your website.

Inclusion of Affiliate Links in the Content

Affiliate marketing is an effective tool in order to make money from a personal blog. For the proper functioning of affiliate marketing, it is essential for an advertiser to have a product for selling. You will receive a commission from every sale when the buyer makes a purchase after visiting your website. You will be provided a unique link which tracks the affiliate code. By this, you will be able to know when the link is used by the buyer for making the purchase. You can place the affiliate links on the website. This can be done via banner ads or in the content directly.

Selling Digital Products

Selling different digital products is considered to be a great option for making money from the blog. This is inclusive of different items such as workshops, online courses, eBooks, videos, images.

Using the Blog as the Content Marketing Tool

You can consider selling different physical products on the blog and making money in a similar manner. Blogs can also be used as a content marketing tool which will bring customers to the website based on an interesting article that you provide. You can display products on the side or in the content (with an affiliate link!) that are related to your content that visitors may be interested in purchasing. There are limitless possibilities to earn money from blogs. You can even sell books, handmade products, manufactured products, etc.

Selling Memberships

Another great option for making money is selling memberships to content that is behind a pay wall. What this content might be is really up to you, people have membership sites where you get access to forums and mastermind groups, videos, photos, exclusive blog posts. etc. However, your exclusive membership should be more valuable as compared to something that can be found by the visitors at absolutely free of cost somewhere else.

Selling Private Ads

Selling private ads are another option in order to make money from personal ads. You can sell private ads in the form of links, buttons, and banners. If you have a lot of traffic, you can approach advertisers directly with your traffic stats and pricing and ask them if they’d like to place an ad on the website. As there is no involvement of a advertising network middleman, you will be able to set the ad rates on your own.