Coupon Codes, Rewards Credit Cards and 10 More Ways To Save Money!

10 Easy Ways to Start Saving Money Today

If you’ve been feeling light in the wallet lately, you’re in good company. ¬†Almost everyone has been there. You don’t always have to choose between gas and groceries, however. There are some money-saving measures you can take during lean times.

Use Coupon Code Websites:

Remember when your parents used to cut out coupons out of the newspaper to save money on groceries and clothes? The modern version of that is coupon code websites such as Discount Go. Anytime you buy something online, search for coupon codes¬†for the website you’re buying from, whether that’s Expedia, Amazon, or any other website. Enter the promo codes at checkout, and over time you could save thousands of dollars per year. Coupons are a great way to save money on an item that you routinely purchase, but sometimes they can entice you to buy something you don’t need and wouldn’t normally buy. Use coupons when you can, but use them wisely.

Shop around

Comparison shopping is advisable when buying groceries and anything else you need (or want). Look at the sale fliers in the mail and plan your shopping trips around them. Sometimes you can buy staples cheaper online. Make sure to check out all of your options.

Get a Rewards Credit Card:

There’s no way around it: you’re going to spend money. So why not earn rewards or get cash back on your purchases? If you aren’t sure which card to get, or aren’t sure if you’d get approved, you can try looking at this list of easy credit cards to get approved for.

Shop with a list

If you have a grocery list, you’re more likely to buy only what you need and avoid impulse buys. It’s also a good idea to…